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Commercial Passport KYC provides leading edge, fully digital documentary and analytical solutions to streamline business processes


Our flagship product, Universal KYC Solution supplies reviewed, fully documented and analysed KYC data for legal entities and complex structures in an inherently efficient reusable digital master record format


A secure repository and sharing platform for individual and legal entity KYC documents, powered by Commercial Passport's true copy document certification platform and Blockchain technology


Our delegated own-organization KYC management and exchange service unburdens your organization from the demands of counterparty client-due diligence and compliance processes

"Commercial Passport's Universal KYC Solution is fantastic for carrying out a detailed beneficial ownership analysis of trusts and other complex ownership structures. It takes the guesswork out of KYC document scoping through a slick and well-implemented user interface. This system has the potential to revolutionise how KYC is collected and maintained.”

Partner, Trusts and Private Client Services, International Law Firm

“Subscription processing delays due to incomplete AML/KYC is a serious problem for fund administration. Commercial Passport’s digital KYC solutions have the potential eliminate this persistent relationship irritant.”

VP Client Services Global Fund Administration Firm

Powered by Innovative Technology

Legal Structure Analysis

Drawing on a database of legal entity types from over 100 worldwide jurisdictions, the application's structure engine uses proprietary technology to analyze, report and document beneficial ownership and control.

Digital Document Management

Upload, certify, bundle and exchange your organization's KYC documents electronically with counterparties

Universal KYC Passports Management

Track inbound UKYC Passports by status, view and extract documents, and compare changes across versions.

Document Integrity Powered by Blockchain

Verify the origin, metadata, certification information and chain-of-custody integrity of every acquired document.

Benefits for KYC Senders & Receivers

  • Inherently efficient client-maintained single point permissioned data model streamlines onboarding and account opening processes
  • Trusted third party true copy certification and Blockchain technology ensures document integrity in regulatory-compliant digital format
  • Standardized beneficial ownership analysis for private and offshore entities, trusts, investment vehicles and complex structures
  • Client/advisor-directed information push model reduces friction and frustration with KYC processes while mutualizing cost
  • Standardization of global legal entity documentation and data scope, with specific output format per local regulation or policy
  • Opportunity for significantly reduced client due diligence, onboarding and subscription processing costs for KYC receivers