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Commercial Passport's Managed KYC Service maintains and exchanges always-current, certified master KYC records for your organization

Say goodbye to the hassles and time lost to account opening and fulfilling KYC requests

Learn how MKYC delivers immediate results measured in time saved and productivity gained

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Why Delegate KYC Management?

  • Once and You're Done: Obtain a reusable digital master KYC record for your organization's legal entities. Supply it for account opening, relationship formation and inbound requests for KYC.
  • Offload a Burden: Gathering, certifying and exchanging your own KYC is an unproductive use of valuable internal resources. Delegate this thankless task to us!
  • Controlled Access: Share your information on a need-to-know basis. MKYC exchanges your organization's master KYC record with counterparties strictly on your instructions.
  • Always Current: MKYC service works with you to update your organization's information regularly. And we'll keep your counterparties updated, so they don't chase you.
  • Standardization: MKYC's record format contains all commonly requested documents and data points for your organization, eliminating folllow-on requests and document do-overs.
  • Go Paperless: Digital document certification eliminates the high cost, hassles and time lost to supplying paper copy KYC, while improving the security of your confidential information.

Managed KYC is for

  • Offshore Entities & Structures
  • Investment Funds
  • Fund Managers
  • Trusts
  • Family Offices
  • Investment Entities & SPVs
  • International Businesses
  • Captive Insurance Companies
  • Corporate Secretarial


Professionaly Managed

KYC is what we do. Unburden your internal resources by delegating this repetitive, time-consuming and unproductive task to a trusted KYC partner.

Personalized Service

We’ll work with you on defining, assembling and managing your organization’s documentary KYC. When you need it exchanged, we’re only an email away.


Speed through account opening, relationship formation, transactions and counterparties' information reviews.


Reduce the risk of mishandled confidential information through encryption, secure storage and controlled access to your sensitive data.

MKYC Works Like This



An MKYC agent works with your organization to define its legal structure, regulatory profile, ownership and relevant personalities.



Source documents are identified and gathered, and working with your chosen certification persons, a single, digitized master true copy is made of each.



With your structure information and documents, we’ll generate a Universal KYC Passport for your organization, which will serve as its master KYC record.



When you’re requested to supply KYC on your organization, on your instruction we’ll supply the recipient with your organization’s Universal KYC Passport using our highly secure, digital KYC platform.



We’ll reach out to you on a scheduled basis for fresh copies of short-lived documents, and keep your organization’s KYC passport current. With each update, we’ll refresh your recipients’ copies too, so they’ll have what they need and won’t chase you.

Global Entity Support

MKYC is available for legal entities organized in over 100 worldwide jurisdictions, with support for additional jurisdictions being added regularly.

"With Managed KYC, we can dramatically reduce the costs and time lost to account opening and fulfilling transactional counterparties' requests for our organization's own KYC."

General Counsel, Alternative Asset Management firm