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Speed through account opening & relationship formation with digitized KYC

Secure Document Solution enables single-point, secure digital KYC storage and maintenance, true-copy certification and instantaneous document exchange, saving you the cost, hassles and time lost to paper-format KYC requests

Enjoy the benefits of secure, single-point digital KYC

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  • Easy to use document management and exchange platform for individual and legal entity KYC/client due diligence documents
  • Confidentiality is assured through permissioned document sharing by sender-owner to receiving counterparties and institutions
  • Share discrete KYC documents, or assemble complete bundles for legal entities and their owners and controllers
  • Blockchain-based chain of custody control provides permanent, universal verification of document integrity and lifecycle history
  • Simple, single point document updating with ability to automatically share fresh documents with permissioned counterparties
  • Integrated trusted third party document certification subsystem replicates existing true copy document certification protocols
  • Account-free secure sharing protocols permit secure exchange of documents to non-user recipients & institutions
  • Fully encrypted data storage hosted exclusively from Swiss data centres and subject to the world's strongest data protection laws

Users & Industries

  • Fund Administration
  • Fund Management
  • Family Offices
  • Offshore Entities & Structures
  • Trust Management
  • Professional Services
  • Corporate & Fiduciary Services
  • Governance Professionals
  • Wealth Management & Advisory
  • International Private Banking
  • Investment Entities & SPVs
  • Insurance



Speed through account opening, subscription and client onboarding processes and save costs by sending and receiving electronic format KYC documents


Replace the repetitive, expensive & time consuming practice of printing, certifying and couriering paper copy KYC with single-point secure digital documents

Information Security

Reduce the risk of identity theft or loss of confidential business information from poor data hanlding practices and the use of email as a means of confidential document transmission

Chain-of-Custody Control

From the point of true copy certification, our innovative use of Blockchain technology ensures complete chain-of-custody protection over documents, preventing tampering and falsification


Keep your organization's documents current on, and automatically share updates with your counterparties and institutions

Permanent Universal Verification

Using only a web browser, recipients of Commercial Passport SDS documents can verify point-in-time existence and integrity of original document content


Commercial Passport's Secure Document Solution provides KYC documents in a format which complies with regulatory requirements for certified true copy documents

Environmental Best Practice

Paper-based KYC document exchange is among the most antiquated and wasteful business practices today. Go green with digital documents.

Feature Comparison: Commercial Passport Secure Document Solution and Universal KYC Solution

Use caseIndividual KYC documents
Legal entity KYC documents (unstructured)
Legal entity KYC documents (structured)
File formatSecure digital document (PDF)Secure digital document (PDF)
Information formatIndividual documents
Free-form bundles
Universal KYC Passport
(compiled master KYC record)
Credentialed 3rd party true copy certification YesYes
Records custodian upload of certified copiesYesYes
File encryption and Blockchain integrity verificationYesYes
Structure & benefical ownership analysisNoYes
Substantive information review by Commercial PassportNoYes
Account-free document receipt with secure PIN YesYes

“The current KYC gathering and handling process across the financial services industry has always concerned me from a security perspective. Commercial Passport KYC solves this problem, powerfully, and removes business risk. We have all been waiting a long time for this.”

Managing Director, Trust & Fiduciary Services, Top 10 Global Investment Management Firm