Users & Industries

Commercial Passport’s KYC solutions are designed to bring efficiencies of single point digital KYC to account opening, relationship formation and ongoing compliance processes to users in the following industries



International Banking

International banking and wealth management units use Commercial Passport’s Universal KYC Solution and Secure Document Solution to receive fully documented beneficial ownership information on structured (legal entity) client accounts, speeding account opening and compliance processes for international clients.


Fund Management

Alternative asset fund managers use Commercial Passport’s Universal KYC Solution and Managed KYC Service to maintain always-current, immediately exchangeable master KYC records for their managed investment vehicles to speed counterparty relationship formation, account opening and maintenance and investor due diligence

Family Offices

Family offices and active private investors use Commercial Passport’s Universal KYC Solution and Managed KYC Service to maintain single-point master copies of their investment entities’ and owners’ KYC materials, reducing their internal administrative costs and shortening timescales for making investments.  


Fund Administration

Fund administration uses Commercial Passport’s digital KYC platform to receive paperless KYC from investors in administered funds in a format compliant with offshore KYC regimes, improving investor relations performance and trade-date processing. 


Fiduciary & Professional Services

Fiduciary & Professional Services businesses use Commercial Passport KYC to receive new client indentifiation materials, and offer Commercial Passport’s Universal KYC Solution passporting as an additional value-added service for managed legal entities, reducing client frustration with KYC processes

Governance Professionals

Governance professionals use Commerical Passport’s Secure Document Solution to maintain their individual KYC documents in a single-point always-current format, automatically sharing updated copies with their client entities’ counterparties 


Trust Management

Professional trustees and trust companies use Commercial Passport’s digital KYC solutions to maintain secure, always-current, digitally exchangeable KYC on trust-owned investment companies and their beneficial owners, dramatically reducing administrative and transaction processing costs incurred for active client entities 

Offshore Service Providers

Offshore financial service providers subject to stringent AML/KYC requirements use Commercial Passport’s digital KYC solutions to acquire new international client KYC and manage KYC documents for client entities in a regulatory-compliant format, reducing administrative costs, automating client service procedures and offering value-added client entity KYC management services